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Product safety podcasts

These podcasts delve deep into a range of topics on consumer product safety, with Gail Greatorex interviewing specialists within the field.

If you are a manufacturer, importer, wholesaler or retailer, then product safety is part and parcel of your business success. Understanding the topic may help you avoid the cost involved in product recalls, supplying unsafe products or services that may actually harm consumers, fines or damage to your reputation.

 More information and the transcripts are available in The Maze blog

Dec 13, 2021

Graeme Samuel AC, among his many roles,  is a Professorial Fellow in Monash University’s Business School and School of Public Health and Preventative Medicine. I worked at the ACCC when Graeme was Chair. Since 2014 he has held the position of Chair of Dementia Australia, the national peak body for people impacted...

Jul 8, 2019

A recording of the product safety panel at the 2019 national consumer congress.

The session is moderated by the Deputy Chair of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission. Three leading commentators, including Product Safety Solutions’ Gail Greatorex, offer insights into the state of product safety in Australia.

Mar 2, 2019

How do you know what’s in your products? Which companies are supplying the component parts? Who’s provided them with the raw materials? Have independent checks been done along the way? How can you manage the myriad actions and transactions that go into your product?

ICIX is a global company that enables...

Jun 24, 2017

We all share responsibility to keep children safe.

In this podcast Gail Greatorex of Product Safety Solutions in Melbourne, Australia talks with David Schwebel, Professor of Psychology, and Associate Dean for Research in the Sciences at University of Alabama at Birmingham.

David begins by talking about a series of...

May 10, 2017

Gail Greatorex talks with Dr Jeremy Opperer, Senior Manager, Mechanical Engineering at American engineering and scientific consulting firm, Exponent

Gail interviewed Jeremy at the International Product Safety Week in Brussels November 2016 and discusses how he approaches product safety compliance and how he would...