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Product safety podcasts

These podcasts delve deep into a range of topics on consumer product safety, with Gail Greatorex interviewing specialists within the field.

If you are a manufacturer, importer, wholesaler or retailer, then product safety is part and parcel of your business success. Understanding the topic may help you avoid the cost involved in product recalls, supplying unsafe products or services that may actually harm consumers, fines or damage to your reputation.

 More information and the transcripts are available in The Maze blog

May 10, 2017

Gail Greatorex talks with Dr Jeremy Opperer, Senior Manager, Mechanical Engineering at American engineering and scientific consulting firm, Exponent

Gail interviewed Jeremy at the International Product Safety Week in Brussels November 2016 and discusses how he approaches product safety compliance and how he would conduct a safety assessment on a clients’ products.

Topics include:

  • Addressing the safety issues for innovative products where little guidance is available with no historical injury data, and where standards may not apply. 
  • How the Internet of Things may affect future product safety issues
  • Factoring safety into product design 
  • Managing risk in consumer product safety
  • Communicating safety or recall messages, especially to millenials